Book Review: Stephen King On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


This week I am reviewing Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. In theseĀ 291 pagesĀ King discusses his life, methods for writing, and tips for authors. This book is divided up into three main parts: his autobiography, how you should write, and his car accident in 1999. King is very honest in all of his writing and his passion for the craft still shines through on every page. It would benefit most writers to be as to-the-point so to speak, but then again, very few can ever claim they are on the level of greatness that is Stephen King’s writing. That being said, King’s artistry and flow are abundantly apparent, he never lacks in the craft of story-telling.


“And if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.” -Stephen King On Writing, pg. 249


I think like most I thoroughly enjoyed this entire book, but I found the stories of King’s past so relatable. Not that I have had the same experiences, it is just that King shows the true voice behind his recollections of his past. It is almost like you can hear the voice in his head telling him all of it. I think this is his best tool he uses in writing this book. He is brutally honest and can get the average person to feel what he feels on a relatable plain. Throughout this book King shows us concepts for writing that are key to him, and you get a part of his brain in doing so. I find it so interesting his concepts of only being able to get so far on technique and the rest is up to talent, essentially. I really relate to that, not to say he is correct, but I find that a lot of great writers develop what they have throughout the first vital years of their childhoods and that is something you can’t go back to twenty years down the line and change.


If I had to pick something I disliked about this book it would be the whole section that this book was meant to dissect, the part about specifically writing. Stephen King is still a master when it comes to getting into the trenches of writing and letting other writers in on what he believes to be the most important parts of writing. Though, his life stories told me so much more about his writing process and revealed so much about himself as an author. When all is said and done though King is still the master of thrill and will always be one of the greats. This book was more than helpful to myself as an aspiring writer and I can only dream of being as great as King has been and always will be.


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