That’s All Folks: Wrap Up

Well as you can probably guess from the title this is all folks. This will be my last blog post for this semester. It has been a really interesting and educational experience keeping this blog throughout this semester. I feel as though I have really grown as a reader and a writer. The book reviews really made me broaden my fiction reading horizons. I struggled with this first part of the semester and am very happy that I really committed to this blog half way through. I have actually come to enjoy blogging although if someone gave me the option to keep blogging for class I would respond like:





In all honesty though I do think I might make something out of blogging in the future. I may or may not tailor it to my interests though, like crafting or DIY’s. Who knows? I just know that currently I am happy that I will have a break from writing for the summer. I don’t think I will ever read my crappy young adult fiction books again thanks to this class. It really has opened me up to a whole new world of fiction reading and I can’t thank this blog enough for being an influence in that decision and growth.


For now I will be finishing up this week in my fiction class and then I will be studying non-stop for my other courses finals. It is going to be a very tough couple of weeks but completing it only brings me closer to graduation. Compared to past semesters this semester has been a doozy because I really dropped the ball but I am hoping for the best in my future classes. To sum it up replace ‘day’ with ‘semester’ in the gif below and you’ll be where I am at.




Some last minute assistance for your finals week if you are in the same boat as me:

Here is a song to get you through finals.


Here is a video you shouldn’t be watching but can use to procrastinate with.

Salutations my dear readers,


Word count: 334


One thought on “That’s All Folks: Wrap Up

  1. Hey Chelsea! Your memes from Friends were hilarious, every situation is good for a Friends meme! Well, if you want to blog in the future you should remember this one exists so then you don’t have to create a new one lol It was great to meet you, have an amazing Summer and congratulations in your graduation!

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