Book Review: Evolution



Evolution by Kelly Carrero comes in at a mere 218 pages and is packed full of just enough action and drama to begin a six book series of fantasy fiction. I will say I feel a bit mislead by this book as in the beginning it is definitely built up to be more of a sci-fi vampire but not really vampire-esce book but towards the end it unfortunately takes a turn for the sequel. By that I mean that about 5 chapters before the book ends it seemed Ms. Carrero decided “Hey this could make a great series,” and her editor didn’t smooth that transition enough in the final draft. It went from story line to cliff hanger very quickly.



“Have you ever wondered what you could do if you weren’t limited to using only one eighth of your brain?”

Excerpt From: Kelly Carrero. “Evolution (Evolution Series Book 1).”


This story Follows Jade Sommers and her high school stud of a boyfriend on their journey of learning more about Jade’s supernatural abililities. All in the period of roughly three days Jade survives a deadly car accident, learns that she is apart of some superhuman race that includes her boyfriend and his parents (whom she thought were his sister and his brother-in-law, a lie they told everyone because of the fact that they looked as if they stopped aging in their twenties), and had her best friend kidnapped by some mystery man.




I really enjoyed the fantasy addition to this book. I typically enjoy the YA fiction genre but as I said in my previous post this was my first time reading anything with a sci-fi angle. I didn’t even read the twilight trilogy (mainly because I knew enough about it because everyone and their grandmother had read them). I don’t want to reveal too much but the supernatural advanced human being that Jade and a few others are in this book aren’t like anything I have seen or read about in fiction. Carrero really created her own version of this romantic fantasy race that many have played with and I really cannot wait to read the other five books in this series.


Carrero’s actual writing on the other hand was a bit up and down. In the beginning I was hooked. I was eating up the first few chapters, but then as the book went on she was losing her focus and there was a transition from making the reader see the story to telling the reader a story. It was quite irritating and was not the first time I have experienced this with authors. It is so frustrating when you witness an authors potential to write an amazing book and then the flame of that imaginative writing dies out.


My overall impression of this book is that it is a good read. Not a great read, but a good one at least. I am a hopeful person so I will probably at least read the next couple of books in this series to see if Carrero gets her imagination back. I would suggest this book to anyone who wants an introduction to the fantasy world of fiction. I feel that if you don’t want to jump right into world building and alien races when it comes to books this would be a good slow start to build up to those types of fiction writings. This book also happens to be free right now on iTunes so you can download the book here if you are interested in reading it.


Word count: 589


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