It’s Monday, And I Am Reading Evolution



Currently I am reading Evolution  by Kelly Carrero and I am on page 73 of 218. I have been hooked on this book from the very first page. I have never read anything with a fantasy or science-fi basis but I am happy to say that I am happy I gave this book suggestion a chance. I am also pleased that this is only book one of a seven book series. The main character Jade is basically discovering she was born as this supernatural being and the book goes on to include kidnapping and other dramatic action filled events.


“I know you’re hiding something. You’ve got that look on your face.”-Evolution (Evolution Series Book 1)

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Exiting my literary life and entering my back into my real life, I am currently still very busy with work. I will pretty much just be doing that all week while pausing to eat and occasionally sleep. Luckily I have my perfect boyfriend and even more perfect floofs (my dogs) to keep me happy and partially sane. I am slowly but surely reorganizing and cleaning my apartment. I am trying to get on this ring cleaning kick and trying to donate half of my belongings so I can get rid of all the clutter in my apartment, and life. As for the rest of the week I am not looking forward to a certain public speaking event that will be happening this Wednesday. I don’t like public speaking let alone reading my own personal work in front of my college’s library. The only thing that makes it a little less intimidating is that everyone from my entire class has to do it too. I also signed up to be one of the first people to read my story so that way I can just get it over with.

Word Count: 310


5 thoughts on “It’s Monday, And I Am Reading Evolution

  1. From reading your post about the book I can tell that I would like this book because usually like books that have si-fi and drama in them and this one sounds great. I also usually like books that are in series because I usually get hooked on one book and then have t read the rest of them because I want to know what happens.

  2. This book sounds intriguing, I rarely hear about Sci-Fi mixed with the supernatural. I haven’t heard anything about this series but I might have to look into it now

  3. I also have never really been into scifi books, I’ve never really been into anything scifi related. But every once in a while there are good scifi shows, movies and books.

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